Daily I get asked what makes Vmware Cloud Foundation (VCF) imported? Customers love standardization as it gives them many advantages like stability, time to market, and Vmware Validated Design (VVD) VVD-guidelines. In a follow-up blog, I will discuss how VMware made course correction on VCF 4.0 to move past using vvd-guidelines to deploy a full VVD.

Ok, so that is it? That is the starting point; to see actual value to VMware customers, you need to look at how VMware embraces a continuous integration/continuous delivery CI/CD strategy!

To start to achieve CI/CD, one first thing VMware needed to do was to reduce technical debt and standardize product line! This move to Photon OS and creating applications with microservices was paramount. Ok, nothing new here; this strategy has been preached for a decade.

The second key component to CI/CD is the ability to work with predictable and standard infrastructure, as we see from cloud providers. VMware is already proving that with SAS offerings of VMware products, they have the ability to introduce new features at a much faster pace.

Ok, what does this have to VCF or the VVD for that manner? The next step is to extend the rapid release to the on-prem cloud. Cloud providers ran data centers that have The same hardware, the same software, and the same configurations. Ok, require everyone to use the same hardware is the answer?

VMware has celebrated the choice of working with the broad ecosystem of partners, so requiring the same hardware is not a choice.

Enter VCF!

Ensuring that the best practice of the management domain uses the same software, the same configuration allows VMware customers to have standardized and predictable landing spots for VMware products.

Now VMware can extend CI/CD strategy past the public cloud into private clouds of their customers. BOOM! Now VMware can provide customers with features at rapid past and simpler upgrades to smaller changes that are delivered more often.

VCP-DV, VCP-NV, VCAP-DCD currently working at VMware in the PSO organization​.

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