Center of Advanced Learning (Advanced Architecture)

Two weeks in Palo Alto went fast! Es war sehr aufregend! Meeting great folk from around the world, including Germany, India, UAE, Sweden, and others, was amazing. The Campus and the turtles are truly amazing.



The content was incredible; the focus on soft skills and presentation skills are invaluable for leading customer engagements. Well, we are keeping a sharp focus on business outcomes helping our customers and partners with digital transformation. Always remember Digital transformation is human transformation.

The coaching from VMware rock starts like Henry Villar, Howard Shoobe, Carsten Schaefer and Theresa Stone was top notch!

Honestly, the best part of two weeks was the people from hearing stories from Triple VCDX and Staff Architect Safouh Kharrat to Sr TAM Sridharan Santhanakrishnan and great partners like Yves Sandfort at Comdivision.

Now on to the team:


The first week we hit the ground running even with two of the members dealing with significant jet lag Fabian Lenz (Germany) and Elina Krassotina (UAE). We decided early on that we need to take an approach where we collaborate well-keeping work-life balance in place by taking an agile approach.

The agile approach also helped Selvakumar Jaganathan and myself handling escalations and some prior commitments. As judgment day came, “Presentation day.” we made sure to take time off for ice cream.

The agile approach with the team’s first thought process kept everyone so sharp that Fabian won the best Partner Participant, and Elina won the most improved “Rising Star.” and we won the coveted Team Award for best presentation.


I could not have hand-picked a better team that worked hard had some fun, well keeping our eyes on the end goal.


VCP-DV, VCP-NV, VCAP-DCD currently working at VMware in the PSO organization​.

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