Two pod VVD design with an underlay built on Cisco ACI and using OSPF adjacencies with a single area with BGP providing adjacencies for the overlay provided by NSX.

Problem description: Inconsistent routing of traffic on the overlay.

The root of the Problem:

Edge-1 was publishing routes to ACI fabric to allowing underlay to route traffic to overlay networks. ACI was then publishing those routes to Edge-2 with higher priority than what the DLR was publishing the routes to Edge-2 as this causing traffic on Edge-2 could not forward to the DLR connected to Edge-2.

Resolution: Was to change the design from uplinks on multiple edges to uplink on single EDGE with HA enabled.



Edge Configuration: Uplink to vDS and Internal connection to Global Transport Network


OSPF routing on EDGE: Uplink1 will connect to ToR for OSPF traffic.


BGP routing on EDGE: Configure Neighbors.


Route Distribution on EDGE: Needs two distributions from BGP to OSPF and accept all BGP.


DLR configuration: Uplink to EDGE-01 with three local virtual switches.


OSPF Configuration on DLR:  Disable


BGP Configuration on the DLR: BGP connection to the Edge.


Route redistribution: Only BGP connected needed.


Final configuration architecture:



VCP-DV, VCP-NV, VCAP-DCD currently working at VMware in the PSO organization​.

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