I have been hearing back from customers about our vast Operations Profile that includes vRealize Operations Manager (vROps), Wavefront, and Cloud Health.

These products have a lot of overlapping features, but together they provide a holistic solution. So why do we need three products to produce a comprehensive solution for Operations?

I can use a couple of buzz words here “Persona,” ” Focus Lens,” Etc but let’s state it as merely Cloud Admins Teams, Application Teams, and C level teams need to view and consume data differently.

vROps is the tool every Cloud Admin needs, and it provides deep analytics, infrastructure costing, capacity planning, alerting, performance troubleshooting for your private cloud. You can use vROPS for some application data, but that data is driven from an infrastructure point of view. The vROps lense is infrastructure focus looking up at the application.

So how do I gather data and provide analytics for my applications that are part of my multi-cloud initiative?

Wavefront will provide analytic data for cross clouds gathering data that can be analyzed and correlated each second to help troubleshoot performance gaps in applications. Sounds great! Why do I need vROps?
Wavefront gathers data at the application level and looks down the stack to infrastructure, the view down into infrastructure with data that derived from an application point of view would not tell you the full story of what is happening in the infrastructure.

What about costs for multiple clouds with a full cost structure for C-Level Teams?

Cloud Health can deliver full cost insight to multiple public clouds like AWS, Azure, GPC, VMC and private clouds. Cloud Health includes optimation, rightsizing to help trim spending waste in the public cloud and private clouds alike. The costing data is immersive with spend tracking and budget reporting.

So why would still need to do costing with vROps?

Cloud Health’s focus on costing metrics at the C-Level/Accounting level, where vROps can provide more of department level show back, chargeback model for private cloud and few public clouds like AWS and Azure.

So three key takeaways are:

vROps –> Infrastructure Operations/Analytics and Costing
WaveFront –> Application Analytics for multi-cloud
CloudHealth –> Multi-cloud C-Level costing

VCP-DV, VCP-NV, VCAP-DCD currently working at VMware in the PSO organization​.

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