Going to take you through brownfield setup of LCM, it starts off with information on how to use LCM please note that OVA configuration centered on greenfield deployment. OVA configurations are outside the scope of this document. Please note though in Greenfield you will want to deploy vIDM and then LCM before the rest of the vRealize Suite.

Configuration Starts from this point

Click on the plus icon to create a new environment.


We will choose to use the installation wizard, at the end we will save the configuration file in JSON format that you can use for doing the install by the configuration file.


Ok let’s create and import a Data Center we will cover building a greenfield is outside scope of this document. Click on plus ICON to add new Data Center.


You now add the manage Data Center screen. Please click on the button in the right-hand corner.


Click Add Data Center.


Give your Data Center a Name and choose the proper location for that Data Center.

Name DC

Here you can see that you can manage data centers around the world and manage them from a single pane of glass.

DC location

Summary tab will allow you delete Data Centers and shows a high-level summary.


Once you have added a Data Center, you can add vCenter Servers to a Data Center.

add vc

You will have the ability now to choose what type of vCenter server that is added to the Data Center. Either Management, Workload or Consolidated.


Hit Summit and verify that the operation is complete.


Now go back to the home button and let’s create our environment. Choose Data Center Name, Choose Environment Type and Name the Environment. Create administrator and default password.


We did not select vRealize Automation and choose to import vRealize Business for Cloud, vRealize Log insight and vRealize Operations.


Read and agree to the EULA


Press next and notice the product choices show up as icons in the menu ribbon.


Add License Key


Press next and fill out the infrastructure tab on where is the LCM server is located.


Press Next; fill in information about the network LCM is on, Gateway, DNS, Netmask, ETC.


You will need certificate even if it’s self-generated! You can save the progress and go to settings to create a certificate.


Now add in the certificate and press next.


Now you need to point LCM to the products you want it to manage. Please fill out each product with correct information. Take note that it will ask for IP for vRealize Operations and the master node FDQN for vRealize Log Insight.


Time to Validate!


Download of the configuration will result in JSON File. Then click Summit, and you have completed the configuration of LCM.

Upcoming Blogs will cover OVA configuration, Green Field configuration and how to within LCM now that it is configured.

VCP-DV, VCP-NV, VCAP-DCD currently working at VMware in the PSO organization​.

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